King of Nothing

from Dinkytown Highway

  • King of Nothing

I used to ride my bike down a snowy University Avenue
To my boyfriend’s house cause he always let me do what I wanted to
It was a funky little place that always needed paint in Dinkytown
At a time in my life I swear I couldn’t tell up from down

He used to meet me at the top of the stairs
Six pack and a cigarette
Kiss me hard on my mouth
Then I tell him to forget about it

He was the King of Nothing
He was the King of Nothing
He was
I was his Queen

Have you ever been lost in a place you’ve often been
Have you ever been lost and found and lost again?
There was something about that boy always made my compass spin
Each time I left I knew I’d be back again

“Love is the Law”, the Queen of Hearts shouted
The King said nothing at all
Although his parachute finally opened
The King could not survive the fall.


Written by Biff Robillard
Finger Mullet Music (ASCAP) © 2010

Biff Robillard: bass, acoustic guitar, vocals, hand claps
Mae Rukavina: lead vocals, percussion, hand claps
Eric Simso: electric guitar, vocals, hand claps
Spike Stich: lead electric guitar
Bob Johnston: drums
Jeff Killion: vocals