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“Rick” 12 string guitar graces the stage

Spike Rickenbacker 12 string guitarSpike made a daring move by adding another guitar to his fleet at the show on Saturday night. He made room for the Rickenbacker 12 string guitar. Love that “Byrds” sound.

Rickenbacker 12 string guitar, excerpt from Wikipedia:

The Rickenbacker 360/12 is an electric guitar made by the Rickenbacker company; it was among the first electric twelve-string guitars. This instrument is visually similar to the Rickenbacker 360. Rickenbacker uses an innovative headstock design that incorporates both a slotted-style peghead and a solid peghead, thereby eliminating the need for the larger headstock normally associated with a twelve-string guitar.

Luthier Legend Dave Rusan with Maeflies

Local Guitar Luthier Legend, Dave Rusan of Rusan Guitarworks made an appearance at the Aster Cafe in October to support the Maeflies show and to assure their guitars were functioning perfectly. The Maeflies have a huge amount of admiration and appreciation for Dave’s work repairing and building amazing guitars. Thanks, Dave!

Rootstime Radio CD Review

Rootstime Belgium Radio – CD Review

roots-time“It (Dinkytown Highway) is the typical music for all “cruising on the highway” through the car speakers pop. The sound of the group is strong and tends sometimes to a Shania Twain sound but just below the bombastic standard”.  Go to REVIEWS tab for the entire review.