Biff Robillard: Principal song writer, bass player, guitar, lead vocals, harmonica

Interview hastily conducted at World Famous Stymie’s Studios in between takes:

Q: Shoe size?
A: My feet are different sizes. My left one is about a 9 1/2, my right one is a 10 easy.

Q: Favorite Beatle?
A: Billy Preston

Q: If you were a road sign along the Dinkytown Highway, what would you be?



Q:  Favorite junk food?
A: Chips & Jack Gill’s fresh salsa-con Cerveza after 12 continuous hours of fishing offshore…

Q: Favorite planet in our solar system?
A: Any but Uranus.

Q: Musical influences?
A: Got a month?

Q: Worst teacher you ever had?
A:  Mrs. Iracie, James Madison Elementary.

Q: Beer or Wine?
A: Where?

Q: Boxers, briefs or thong?
A: Depends on where the gig is.