Mae Rukavina: Lead Singer

Interview hastily conducted at World Famous Stymie’s Studios in between takes:

Q: Shoe size?
A: 40 EURO (Italian made)

Q: Favorite Beatle?
A: George

Q: If you were a road sign along the Dinkytown Highway you would be?

Q: Favorite junk food?
A: French fries at the Loring in Dinkytown, MN

Q:  Favorite planet in our solar system?
A: Mars

Q::  Musical influences?
A: >Robert Plant’s voice, Emmy Lou Harris, Brandi Carlile, Neil Young, The Jayhawks, The Band

Q:: Worst teacher you ever had?
A: 3rd Grade Choir Teacher, Sister Rita

Q:: Beer or wine?
A: wine, never in a plastic cup

Q:: Boxers, briefs or thong?
A: …………………..