from Dinkytown Highway

  • Dinkytown

On a night like this
My hands find my pockets
The wind hits my face
A thousand icy rockets

No, I can’t go home
Positively 4th Street
Gonna walk, walk, walk
Until my legs ain’t got no feet

Breakin down in Dinkytown, It feels like snow
Breakin down in Dinkytown. I can’t let you go

Street lights like these
Casting hollow shadows
Devils dance, dance, dance
In the places I won’t go

I’m down on my knees
I’m standing in the rain
No, you can’t help me please
Put me out of my, my pain.

I can hear every step I’m takin’
But you can’t hear a heart that breakin’


Written by Biff Robillard
Finger Mullet Music (ASCAP) © 2010

Mae Rukavina: lead vocals
Eric Simso: electric guitar, vocals
Spike Stich: electric guitar, mandolin
Biff Robillard: bass, vocals
Bob Johnston: drums
Jeff Killion: vocals