My Life

from Dinkytown Highway

  • My Life

Somewhere on the plains of mid America
With an empty six pack at their feet
Some adolescent exploration
On the frontier in the backseat

In a fat tired car beneath the stars
Burning like diamonds in the sky
Crickets on a honeysuckle way
Never tell their secrets

Take your dreams
Line ‘em up in a row
Pick one out and let the other ones go
My life, your life too

You tell me that you’ve found some way outta here
Is it as easy as you say?
Six months gone just too long
Man we’re all back here to stay

An old man’s sigh and a baby’s cry
Are rising from a porch
As I drive with my summer window rolled down
Knee high by the Fourth of July
And anthem or a lullaby?


Written by Biff Robillard
Finger Mullet Music (ASCAP) © 2010