from Dinkytown Highway

  • Picasso

I dreamed last night I met Picasso
He was standing at the bar
Sipping on Madeira
He had his fingers in a jar
Of those big green Spanish olives
He seemed to know my name
He introduced me to his mistress
And I walked home in the rain
Don’t wake me up
I just wanna keep on dreaming
Don’t wake me up
I just wanna keep on dreaming
I was driving down a road
In Fallon County
The Byrds were on the radio
I could hear McGuinn’s guitar
Someone said my name
I turned and it was you
The day was just beginning
A world wet with dew
And I was somewhere in the Keys
Seemed like 1985
I recognized the day
My dad was still alive
The sea was calm and blue
There were frigates in the air
My heart was full of hope
I wanted to stay there…


Written by Biff Robillard
Finger Mullet Music (ASCAP) © 2010

Mae Rukavina: vocals, percussion, hand claps
Eric Simso: acoustic guitar, harmony vocals, hand claps
Spike Stich: electric 12 string guitar
Biff Robillard: bass, acoustic guitar, vocals, hand claps
Jeff Killion: drums
Will King: percussion, hand claps