The Ledge

from Dinkytown Highway

  • The Ledge

I lit another cigarette
I walked across the room
I looked through the blind
I was waiting for you
It’s one thing I know how to do

These footprints in the snow
Left by your feet for all I know
They wind in such strange circles
Stopping beneath my window

I’m on the ledge this time
You’ve got me half out of my mind
I’m on the ledge this time

I was staring at your name
Written in steam on my window pane
Is it a verb or a noun
And how far from here to the frozen ground

We’re still not through yet
I tried all last night but I couldn’t forget
It must be your eyes
Or the way you held me that last sweet time


Written by Biff Robillard
Finger Mullet Music (ASCAP) © 2010

Mae Rukavina: lead vocals
Eric Simso: acoustic guitar, electric guitar, vocals
Spike Stich: electric guitar
Jeff Killion: drums, vocals
Biff Robillard: bass, vocals